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 A collage of some really fun photos that were taken in a photo booth. The top pictures show some best friends acting crazy and the bottom photos picture a cute cat taking selfies.  

Luxury Photo Booth


Our photo booths are memory making machines & are designed to make your party or event ridiculously awesome! We provide everything you need to make your party really freaking fun... Props, the sexiest backdrops, unbelievable photo quality, and unlimited 4x6 prints for all your guests to enjoy!

 A sketch of a camera to describe the incredible photo quality.

Incredible Photo Quality!

We use professional cameras, studio lighting, and edit every photo to make your photos look gorgeous!

 A sketch of a cat in a tuxedo to signify a kickass photo booth butler. 

Kickass Photo Booth Butler!

We only hire the best. Our photo booth butler will insure you and your guests have a kickass time using the photo booth!

 A drawing of a photo print and an unlimited sign on a red background. 

Unlimited Prints!

We're like Oprah! Everyone in the photo gets a print to take home! You get a print! And you get a print! Everyone gets a print!!!

 A sketch of a blue sombrero, one of the many props Taco Photo Booth Co. offers. 

The Best Props & Backdrops!

We've got you covered with a great selection of gorgeous backdrops and super fun props!

How It Works

 A box with text saying "pick your backdrop & photo template"
 A blue box with text saying "We setup the photo booth at your party!"
 A red box with text saying "Pick a prop & strike a pose"
 A blue box with text saying "Everyone in the photo gets prints"
 A red box with text saying "Download your images online!"


Jaw dropping images

We're going to make you & your guests look like super models, as we have perfected the perfect photo booth image! Our photo booths are equipped with top of the line professional photography & lighting equipment that will make everyone look seriously fabulous. 

The Best Backdrops


We've curated the best looking photo booth backdrops! Choose from our glam white, flat black, pink ombre, or black sequin backdrop! Click here to see sample images of all our backdrop options.

If you want to make your photo booth experience super special, talk to us about creating a custom designed backdrop!

Sometimes you don't even need a backdrop! We can setup our photo booth just about anywhere. So if your venue has a super cool brick wall, mural, etc. Let us know as those make for awesome photo booth photos! 

 A mock up of a custom designed backdrop.

Edited Images

Are you wondering why are images look so good? We edit every single image with our photo filters developed by a professional photographer! These gorgeous edited images are made available to you and your guests to download after the event so you can share them online with your Facebook & Insta besties!


 This is an unedited photo from the photo booth. The photo shows a bride and her brother pointing at the camera.


 An edited photo from a photo booth. This photo shows a bride in her wedding dress and her brother wearing a blue vest having fun in front of a beautiful black sequin photo booth backdrop. 

What Else?

 A sketch of an open air photo booth setup.

Open Air Photo Booth

Our booths have no walls! You could probably fit an elephant in our booth. We've been able to squeeze in 18 humans in one photo!

 A sketch of the letters "HD" to show off the high defintetion images. 

High Resolution Images

We share the high resolution photo booth photos with you after the event. 

 A sketch of tools & utensils to signify a customizable experience. 

Customizable Photo Booth Experience

Taco Photo Booth Co. has tons of customizable options. Your photo booth experience can be customized to fit in perfectly at any event! 

 A drawing of a red computer.

Online Gallery

All the photo booth images from your party are uploaded into a gallery where guests can download them within 48 hours of the event!

 A drawing of two photo prints with no branding on the prints.

Brand Free

You are hiring us to provide a luxury service. Why should you pay to have our logo all over the place?

 A drawing of a red printer, printing out a photo booth photo. 

Unlimited Instant Prints

Our unlimited printing is powered by top of the line printers that print out photos within seconds at your event or party.

Other Options

Photo Booth Collage

 A collage of about 150 images, collected from a wedding that had a photo booth. The collage is then printed on a 20x30 inch canvas and hung up on a wall as a piece of art. 

Remember those crazy guests you invited to your wedding by turning their photo booth photos into a 20x30 memory collage masterpiece!  

Custom Backdrop

 A custom designed backdrop for photo booths that is turquoise and has a line of Tacos going across the background. 

Want something totally different from everyone else? We can work with you on designing a custom made backdrop that suits anything your wild brain can imagine! 

Social Media Sharing Station

 An ipad that acts like a social media sharing station. On the ipad there are four silly photos of being goofing around in a really fun photo booth. 

The social sharing station gives you and your guests an opportunity to share your favorite photo booth images to social media and to your emails instantly after taking a photo in the photo booth!

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