Taco Photo Booth Backdrop Options 2018!

At Taco Photo Booth Co. we have seriously picked out the best looking backdrops to make your party kickass! We currently have five different options to choose from and will be expanding soon! Ranging from our stylish Pink Ombre backdrop to our classy & sleek looking Flat Black backdrop, we got you covered whether you're throwing a crazy fun party, wedding, or formal event. Here's some samples of all our current backdrop offerings!


Flat Black


The Flat Black backdrop is a personal favorite of ours. It's perfect for all types of events. But we particularly think it works awesome for any wedding or corporate event looking to create a high class experience for their guests.


Pink Ombre


The Pink Ombre backdrop is is simply gorgeous.  It's one of our two sequin backdrops. If you are looking for something fun & memorable the pink ombre is what you need.

Glam White


The Glam White is awesome if you love that clean, minimalist, sexy look. This backdrop is super versatile so we think it's great for just about all events! Everyone that's at your event is going to want to step in the photo booth to have their photo taken.

Black Sequin

The Black Sequin is our signature backdrop. We think it's a good mixture of classy and fun. Brides absolutely love this backdrop! And we particularly think this backdrop works for any event you need to dress up fancy, for example a prom or gala event!

Custom Designed Backdrops

We can also create a customized backdrop specifically tailored to your event! Were you looking for a fun way to interact with potential new clients and help your current customers remember your business? Let us create a photo booth brand experience by first starting with a custom designed backdrop with your company's branding! 


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