Fan To Player Activation


How it works? The "Fan To Player Activation"  lets fans transform into their favorite players! Fans step into the branded photo activation and they choose which player they'd like to transform into. They hold up a green screen card and take a quick (3) second boomerang video that will transform them into their chosen player. 

Fans can then instantly share their transformation by texting or emailing it to themselves. They will then be prompted to share to social media via the custom branded microsite.

*This activation can also be created with multiple players in one photo, so it's possible to handle a group of fans at one time.

Branding - This photo activation highlights the team's branding and it will also help create familiarity with your team's superstars by making them front and center of the activation! 

How many expected activations per hour?

Without Sharing Station - Around (35-40) photos per hour.

With Sharing Station Upgrade - Around (70-80) photos per hour