Here is why we are pretty freaking cool


Giving back - There's so many amazing lovable pets sitting in animal shelters waiting to be adopted into their forever home, just like Taco. We are big believers that if you want a new pet, that you should head to one of these shelters and adopt. To help encourage and support more pet adoptions we have partnered with an animal shelter! To learn more about how we are giving back, check out this . 

In case you were wondering HECK YEAH we named our photo booth company after a cat named Taco! (Sorry to disappoint all the avid taco eaters) 

Why did you do this? Let's just say Taco is a pretty cool cat, and we are a pretty cool company if we say so our selves. 

Taco is quite the wildly entertaining cat! He randomly does flips, he scales walls like spiderman (this is no joke), and plays fetch like a dog. While our photo booths don't scale walls & play fetch, we'd consider them just as fun & entertaining, and would surely be the hit of your party!

So if you enter in the math this is how we got our name - (Fun cat named Taco + fun photo booth company = Taco Photo Booth Co.) 

Why we started Taco Photo Booth Co.  - Photo booths are fun, but all are so similar. At Taco Photo Booth Co. we wanted to create something different! With our booths we want to make your guests say "holy cannoli, this is friggin awesome". This is why we strive to make each and every event we party at unique! We give you the ability to customize the heck out of your photo booth rental! 

Working with us you can expect kickass customer service, beautiful photo booths, the sexiest backdrops, professional studio quality photos, and that you'll have a ridiculously fun time taking photos in our photo booth!