We Love Animal Shelters!


How are we giving back?

We donate $15 from every photo booth rental back to a local animal shelter in the Raleigh area!!!


Taco's adoption story!

Back in 2013, Daniel (our owner) decided he needed a pet to help relieve the stresses from studying for college exams. This is when he ventured out to a local animal shelter in search of a new friend/study buddy.

Daniel was in the kitty room at the adoption center playing with about 15 or so cats. That's when this tiny little tabby cat, with the biggest green eyes, decided to just crawl into his lap and just started purring as loud as possible. Pretty sure he was saying "if you don't adopt me, you are heartless cause I'm freaking adorable". 

Daniel could not resist and fell in love with that adorable kitty and named this cute little furry creature Taco. 

Three years later on October 29th, 2016 aka National Cat Day we launched Taco Photo Booth Co.!