Selfie Station


Our selfie station is a sleek, brandable, social experience, and makes any event a memorable one.  Great for sporting events, expos, music festivals, conferences, and retail locations, the selfie station is an asset for brand exposure and online engagement for your business through a super fun shareable photo experience!


Custom Experience

From custom microsites, custom interfaces, branded wrapped Selfie Stations and everything between, this is YOUR custom experience.


Data Capture

Optimize your marketing campaign. Use the Selfie Station to collect emails, phone numbers, names, and feedback to help grow your marketing efforts. 



Your brand will be everywhere! The Selfie Station offers multiple touch points for your brand to be seen in front of your consumers!



Gathering data on social engagement and event analytics is a critical part of the Selfie Station experience.

Branding Features

Here is all the ways we can customize your Selfie Station rental


Branded Images & GIFS

The consumer-facing piece of every activation, is the photos & GIFS themselves. Customized filters and eye-popping GIFs create images of lasting memories…with your brand front and center!  These memories will be shared onto your guests social media profiles and will help generate a buzz about your business. Whether the goal is to create a unique memorable photo booth experience through a custom edit or brand exposure via logo placement, our design team will help create your vision, or suggest a creative way to implement your brand during the Selfie Station experience.

Contact us and we will get in touch with you about creating your branded image, we can provide you a free sample mockup of a branded image/GIF with your brand's artwork! 


Custom Wrapped Selfie Stations

Our Selfie Station is your billboard: your color scheme, message, or branding can be displayed on almost every square inch of space the Selfie Station has to offer.  Wrapping doesn’t just look pretty to the guests – it actually increases Selfie Station engagement, since everyone is wondering “what is that awesome-looking thing?” Best Part?  Your brand is reinforced or strengthened before they even step foot in the Selfie Station.

Custom Microsite


Custom Microsites

You want this photo experience to deliver a measurable return on your investment. So, branding of the photos, GIFs, and Selfie Station itself are critical.  Outside of those, the guests’ experience changes to social media, where they post photos, comment, and are exposed to marketing initiatives ranging from contests to promotions to new product introductions.

Enter the microsite.  We build customizable microsites to provide your brand photo hosting, data capture, and message delivery to affect consumer behavior.

Custom App Interfaces

All Selfie Station rentals includes the customization of the app interface screen which ensures your brand is at the forefront of the photo-taking experience.

Custom App Interface



Data Capture 

Not only do we create a super fun memorable experience for your brand with our Selfie Stations, but we are able to use this experience as a tool to capture super valuable data for your business.

Grow your marketing campaign by collecting names, emails & phone numbers for your email newsletters and texting campaigns. We can also implement custom survey questions as part of the photo sharing process. Talk about a return on your investment! 




Track how many views each photo & GIF receive, see how many times the image was shared, and to which social media platforms those branded images were shared on!


Get in touch with us so we can help make your vision come to life! We can come up with a game plan for you and your business to have a successful marketing campaign by using one of our Selfie Stations!

Other Branding Opportunities


Custom Backdrops

Our backdrop is YOUR backdrop.  Whether you want your brand, theme, or logo to be prominently displayed or step-and-repeated, our custom-branded backdrops are perfect.

You give us the visual elements or logo you’d like us to use, and we will design it, get your approval, and take care of the rest (printing, shipping, and setup at the event).