Raleigh Wedding GIF Booth

Trying to plan the funnest wedding in North Carolina? You'll want to to check out our ALL DAY GIF Booth rentals! The fun animated frames you see below are included in all GIF Booth rentals! You and your guests can use the GIF Booth for the entirety of your wedding, starting from cocktail hour and use it to the end of your wedding, we don't like time limits!


GIF Booth instantly texts you your GIF, there's no waiting! You and your guests get to share the fun of your wedding right away. Make everyone that said "No" to your wedding invite jealous by sharing the GIFs from your super fun wedding onto social media!  P.S - Our square animated GIFs make awesome Facebook profile pictures! 


To top it all off we will send you an online gallery after your wedding. You'll get to view and relive all your guests crazy GIFs & photos that they captured at your wedding! 

GIF Booth rentals start at $495 for an all day rental! Get in touch with us if you have questions or are ready to party with the Taco GIF Booth!